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Asiana Vacations bring to your grasp a memorable holiday in your life………
Asiana Vacations bring to your grasp a memorable holiday in your life………
Asiana Vacations bring to your grasp a memorable holiday in your life………
Asiana Vacations bring to your grasp a memorable holiday in your life………
Asiana Vacations bring to your grasp a memorable holiday in your life………
Asiana Vacations bring to your grasp a memorable holiday in your life………
Asiana Vacations bring to your grasp a memorable holiday in your life………
Asiana Vacations bring to your grasp a memorable holiday in your life………
Asiana Vacations bring to your grasp a memorable holiday in your life………
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   Nature Tours Sri Lanka

The Island of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) is a small universe; it contains as many variations of culture, scenery and climate as some countries a dozen times it’s size.”

- Late, Sir Arthur C. Clarke / Space Visionary – Scientist

Sri Pada (Adam’s Peak)
With its Bio-Diversity and varying eco systems Sri Lanka is a prime eco tourism destination. Adams peak known as Holy Mountain and the Buddhists call the mountain Sri Pada (Sacred foot print of Buddha) and believe Lord Buddha has visited this mountain and set his sacred footprint on a rock on its summit. Hindu’s says it is lord Shiva’s and Muslims believe that is the place where Adam first set foot on earth. Catholics say it is of St-Thomas’s the Christian apostle who preached in South India. The pilgrimage season starts from the first full moon day in December until April every year.

The ascent requires stamina rather than mountaineering skills and consist of over 4,800 steps to the summit. The best time to make the climb is during the night, when the twinkling lights of the illuminated pathway appear to rise like a stairway to heaven. Tea stalls line the path and the distant tolling of the bell at the summit provides encouragement to weary climbers. Dawn at the summit is an intensely spiritual experience. Pilgrims whisper reverently to each other as the sun rises which can be seen from the summit is an unforgettable sight and the island’s more unusual natural phenomena.

Horton Plains
The Horton Plains is a hauntingly desolate windswept plateau set an elevation of over 2,134m from the sea level. Locally called it’s the world’s end and a world apart from the rest of Sri Lanka. It is undoubtedly one of the world’s best nature reserves and eco-tourism venues in Sri Lanka. It is lies within the central hills, declared a UNESCO World (natural) site in 2010.The plains offer excellent trekking, including 9km circular walk to the world’s end, where the giant cliff plunges dramatically for nearly 3,700ft down offering marvelous views to the south of Sri Lanka. The area spanning over 10,000 hectares and also a home for wide variety of flora ( 57 species, 29 endemic to Sri Lanka) and 24 species of mammal such as, elk, deer, giant squirrel, wild boar, wild hare, porcupine and always the hope of a glimpse of a leopard. For bird enthusiast, there are 87 verities and (14 of which are endemic) many migratory birds.

The landscape in Kitulgala is particularly dramatic with vertiginous forest-clad cliffs plummeting down to the wild waters of the Kelani River.It is the best site in Sri Lanka for white water rafting and grade three rapids some 5km upstream. Kithulgala is other claim to fame is that it was the site for the world famous cinema shooting site “Bridge on the river kwai” 1957 by David Lean. The film won Academy Award.

Firmly entwined with the love triangle, of Princess Sita, King Rama and king Ravana of the Indian 2000 years old Hindu epic Ramayana. It was in Ella, king Ravana from Sri Lanka is said to have hidden Princess Sita after abducting her from her husband Rama in India.Nearby is the ancient Ravana rock temple, The Ravana Ella cave and Ravana Ella water fall.

Rathna Pura City of Gems
Sri Lanka’s city of Gems (Rathna : Gems + Pura : City) located in the Sabaragamuwa Province is the centre has been famous for it’s gems since centauries. Rathnapura is the island’s richest source of gems. A trip to working gem mine provides a fascinating glimpse into the mining process which is largely carried out by hand.

Legend says that King Solomon in Biblical times wooed the Queen of Sheba with precious stones from this ‘Paradise Isle’. Soloman has sent his emissaries to the City of Gems in the orient (Ratnarura in Sri Lanka) to procure the gems that won him the hand and then heart of the Queen.

Sri Lanka has already made a unique contribution to the Prince William’s big day. The 12 Carat oval Blue Sapphire at the center of the engagement ring given to Kate Middleton originally came from Sri Lanka and it was earlier worn by late princess Diana.The St. Edward’s Sapphire which is set in a Maltese Cross at the top of the imperial Crown of State now worn by the Queen of England, Elizabeth 2, also traces its origin to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Blue Sapphire’s have been well-known for many generations for its natural color and luster. And it is the Sri Lanka’s Gem Supreme and the finest in the world. This precious gem has a high clarity transparency and saturation of color which is a hall mark of an excellent Blue Sapphire.

Sinharaja Rain Forest
A UNESCO World Heritage Site and the last extensive stretch of virgin rainforest on the island.Sinharaja is a global bio diversity hotspot. Damp mysterious and teeming with life, it is a must visit for those seeking an authentic jungle experience.

A variety of indigenous plants and animals, flowing rivers, and silent streamlets cover up nearly 9800 hectares. Out of total 830 indigenous flowering plants in the forest of Sinharaja has nearly 500 plants and out of 21 endemic bird species are there. The awe-inspiring experience can not be described in any words, you have to experience it.

Royal Botanical Garden Kandy Peradeniya
In Kandy, peradeniya Botanical garden is one of the best of it’s kind in the world. Spread over 59 hectares at present, the history of the Royal Botanical Garden dates back as 1371 made by king Wickramabahu lll .

Many beautiful avenues will lead to various sections which provide a burst of tropical colours. The great lawns highlight Massive tropical trees, while visitors will be surprised at the variety of Bamboo that can be found in one place. Mahaveli River is another beautiful sight which flows bordering to the garden. The best known attraction is the Orchid House located in the middle of the garden.There are more than 300 exquisite orchids can be seen. The suspension bridge crossed over Mahaveli River is another beautiful sight made during the British era.

The spice garden gives you first hand intro to the spice trees plants and creepers that produce the special spice of Sri Lanka. The herbarium grows many of the plants used for the traditional Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia.

Nuwara Eliya Little England
Sri Lankas highest town and a favourite hill station during British colonial times.The town is stilled called as Little England, an illusion maintained by the presence of an 18 hole golf course, a racecourse, the Victoria park and excellent trout fishing in nearby lakes and rivers. The temperature can drop to close to freezing at night and it is common to see smoke rising from the chimneys of the many tudor-style manors. The British made post office with the clock spire, Anglican Church with the lych-gate, the hill club and the Tea Plantations (Ceylon Tea) are the main sights of nuwara eliya.

Botanical garden Hakgala is located in Nueara Eliya in an elevation of 1,707 meters from the sea level and the species of flora is quite different. Hakgala botanical garden is famous for it’s Roses. The rose gardens and the fernery are greatly admired.
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